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Blog entry for January 18: Thoughts on Yagelski
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Blog entry for January 24: Listening to Students' Voices (Response to Chapter 3 of HALR)
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Blog entry for January 31: Looking for Literacy: Observation Field Notes (Notes from my first day of practicum observation)

Blog entry for February 7: Curriculum + Literacy (Response to chapter 12 of HALR)
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Blog entry for February 14: Out of School Literacy vs. In-School Literacy (Response to Chapter 19 of HALR)
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Blog entry for February 20: Some Controversial Thoughts on Standardized K-12 Education (Response to the HALR readings and "Neglected R")

Blog entry for March 6: Demands of College Literacy (Response to Chapter 17 of HALR)
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Blog entry for March 13: Looking for Literacy: Reflections on Observations (a wrap-up of some of the challenges/questions I have about my practicum as it wraps up)
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Blog entry for March 20: Creating Cultural Context in the Classroom (a response to chapter 22 of HALR)
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Blog entry for March 27: Engaged Academic Literacy (a response to chapter 7 of HALR)

Blog entry for April 3: A Letter to Fellow College Educators after reading "Tracking and Ability Grouping" (A response to Chapter 15 of HALR)
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