ENGL 515 – Literacy and Writing Instruction
Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research (HALR)
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Jan. 10
Literacy Debate: Let’s Stop Teaching Writing
Prompts for Teacher as Reader
Your goals

Literacy: New Versions

Jan. 17
Read: HALR – Chapters 1 & 2


Yagelski (LM

Write: Post to Blog (weekly)
What is literacy?
What is a literacy memoir?
Jan. 24
Read: HALR – Chap 3


Write: Post and respond to blogs (weekly)

Draft of Literacy Memoir

What is a literacy event?
What is adolescence?
Jan. 31
Read: HALR 4 & 5


Write: Literacy Memoir Due

Curriculum Analysis Format
How Do Schools Structure Literacy?
Feb. 7
Read: HALR 11 & 12
Clark and Ivanic

Review Frameworks- “Success,” ‘NAEP,’ Disciplinary Literacies, I.B., etc.

Social Work

Write: (Post and respond to blogs)
How does Theory Generate Curriculum?
Feb. 14
Read: HALR – Chaps 18-19
New London Group

Write: : (Post and respond to blogs)
Draft: Curriculum Framework Analysis of Standards
What is Multi-modal literacy?
Feb. 21
Read: Chap 8 & 14
Anson, “Closed Systems”

Neglected R

Ivanic policy Discourse

Write: : (Post and respond to blogs)
Curriculum Framework Analysis Due
What are the consequences of policy and assessment?
Feb. 27


Feb. 27 – 3/4
Mar. 6
Read: HALR Chap 17
Yancey, “Coming to Terms”

Write: : (Post and respond to blogs)
What is College Readiness?
Reading Groups will meet:
What literacy theories are advanced in your elective reading?
Mar. 13
Read: HALR 9 & 10
Gee. Ideology

Write: (Post /respond to blogs)
How does ideology govern literacy?

Reading Groups meet:
How is literacy implemented in school settings?
Mar 20
Read: HALR 22 & 23
Write: (Don’t forget to post)
How are groups marginalized in school?
Reading groups meet:
Prepare Panel Presentation

Mar 27

Read: HALR 6 & 7

Panel Presentations on Elective Texts

What is Disciplinary Literacy?
Apr 3
Read: HALR 15 & 16
Write: Draft of Literacy Event Analysis
How is writing different inside and outside School?
What literacy proposal is inspired by your reading?
April 10
Write: Literacy Event Analysis Due
Write: Literacy Action Proposal
What question or problem is framed by your literacy action proposal?

Listing and scheduling of topics

April 17
Read: Resources for Literacy Action Proposal
Write: Draft of Literacy Action Proposal

Final posting/ response for Blo
Literacy Forum
Apr. 24
Read: Resources for Literacy Action Proposal
Write: Literacy Action Proposal Due

Literacy Forum
Last seven Proposals presented w/ Q & A