I came across an intriguing point in this chapter as I did my reading. The idea of "performing literacy", I have to wonder what this means. It sounds as though, in some sense, literacy is thought of as a character that we slide in and out of as necessity sees fit. When I write, academically or professionally, I don't see that text as a performance....at least I don't think I do. I see it as my perspective on my learning: taking ideas and discovering how they affect me as a professional, seeking a broader aspect of said ideas, possibly expanding theories already academically visited by colleagues and field experts, and keeping an open mind when it comes to ones viewpoint of the world, specifically with regard to my field of study.

With that said, I just don't see the performance there. However, when one refers to my Twitter page, or my Facebook, or anything in reference to a "profile" of my life, then I guess it constitutes as such, a type of performance, a nugget of information jotted down for specific folks to be a part of.

I recently designed a blog via Wordpress and Prof. Derek Mueller's guidance, and I have to say, it is thoroughly refreshing to have a page where I can write about anything I choose to, and not be concerned with whose feelings may be hurt, or who may be offended, not that I intend on insulting folks, but I'm just saying that it is a refreshing blog experience.

However, how do I categorize my blog? Is it professional, personal, academic, or is it in fact a performance? I'm not certain yet. I don't feel as though I am performing, because so far, all that I've had to say has been sincere and to the point. I'm hoping that some themes will be professional and some personal, and some just silly and fulfilling to me, alone. I guess I'm not comfortable with the idea of writing as a performance, but I've yet to perform my writing, so maybe this is why.

I'm looking forward to updating this experience ASAP! :)